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In Keedio we strive to have a culture of collaboration, maximizing your potential within the Big Data and Cloud Computing world.

We live in an environment full of motivation, creativity, and innovation where each of us enriches the company and co-workers with their knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

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We recruit highly-talented professionals in order to build multicultural teams with a clear view of the real-world problems that businesses are facing nowadays. We promote an open and collaborative working environment complemented by innovation and proactivity.


If you are passionate about Big Data technologies, there is room for your professional development at KEEDIO. 




“Every day is different and I love it, we create a very nice atmosphere within the office. During the two years that I have been working in Keedio, I have been able to participate in different projects contributing  my ideas and being part of what we are building.  I love the freedom to propose plans outside the office!. “


Talent Management

“In Keedio, you have the facility to propose, create and develop your creativity to the fullest while enjoying your work. I love to feel free to do my work and get good results thanks to the excellent atmosphere and everyone’s disposition. Leave our mark on what we do, that is to work and enjoy the keedio experience.”




“I have been working in Keedio for more than 8 years, and that has been an impressive journey so far. The culture at Keedio is amazing,  you can feel the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding, definitely, there is a strong team spirit amongst all the colleagues.  I love what I do and look forward to expanding my knowledge as the company progresses further.”


Current Openings

The selected candidates will be part of a young, dynamic team made up by professionals with diverse backgrounds closely connected to cutting-edge technologies. They will also enjoy a flexible schedule, competitive salary, and social benefits.  

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