About Keedio

KEEDIO is the Big Data and Cloud Computing focused spin-off of the IT consultancy company CEDIANT. We help our customers to stay afloat in a competitive market where the key is efficiently converting data into knowledge.

KEEDIO , a different philosophy

At KEEDIO, business problems raised by our customers are approached differently. We help our customers to shift the way they think about their data with a very clear objective: to make them organize their own information in smarter and more efficient ways, unlocking the ability to make better informed business decisions. KEEDIO mission is helping companies operate more efficiently and smartly by making decisions based on large and diverse data volumes.

we transform Big Data opportunities into reality

It has been estimated that in the year 2020 the volume of data generated by humankind will amount to fifty times what has been generated so far. The variety of data sources will also increase by a factor of seventy-five (IDC 2011). Data are already a real asset for human wealth and progress. At KEEDIO, we transform Big Data opportunities into reality by offering analytics services that will help our customers make better business decisions. We want to exceed our customers’ expectations with our knowledge, passion, commitment, and our ability to provide solutions that, without reinventing the wheel, be the most innovative and use the best tools in the industry.

KEEDIO bets for talent

Being aware of the shift that Big Data problems are posing to businesses, KEEDIO bets for talent: we recruit highly-talented professionals in order to build multicultural teams with a clear view of the real-world problems that businesses are facing nowadays. We promote an open and collaborative working environment complemented by innovation and proactivity.