Big Data Consultancy

Our team’s skills and expertise let KEEDIO assist you in speeding up your business by providing you with comprehensive consulting services so that you can fully grasp your data – whether they are known or not.

We are eager to become your Big Data technology partner

and facilitator to find together effective solutions to the problems and challenges you are facing

KEEDIO always looks for the best solution

KEEDIO always looks for the best solution that can comprehensively tackle every problem our customers face. We streamline simple cost-effective solutions and provide worthy results in the shortest possible time. KEEDIO addresses a wide range of requirements including preliminary analyses of the problem at hand, solution design, proof of concept, capacity planning, deployment, and technical support to encompass –from end to end– every critical component of any Big Data project.



Bird's-eye view of solutions

KEEDIO’s thorough knowledge and expertise on a wide range of technologies and techniques for distributed computing, Big Data, and NoSQL yield a wide perspective of what solution or architecture fits better the underlying problem. Examples of these technologies and techniques could be Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka, Flume, Elasticsearch, MapReduce, machine learning, predictive analysis, data mining, among others.